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Sr No Date Section Name / Designation / Category File
1 22/02/2018 North(Adhoc) Order No.SO(North)12-3/2017(Adhoc Narowal), 4 Medical Officers (BS-17) appointed on adhoc basis and posted at place mentioned against the names
2 22/02/2018 North(Adhoc) Dr. Masood Munawar (CNIC 35404-5022776-3), appointed as Medical Officer (BS-17), on adhoc basis
3 22/02/2018 North(Adhoc) Dr. Muhammad Iqbal (CNIC 34201-7678953-9), appointed as Medical Officer (BS-17), on adhoc basis
4 22/02/2018 Inquiries Order No.SO(INQ)1-6/2017, Dr. Ashraf Javed,(ex-EDO (Health) Sahiwal), Dr. Nawazish Ali Goraya ((Rtd), Ex-M.S.THQ Hospital, Chichawatni), Dr. Mehmood Akhtar Malik,(Ex-M.S, THQ Hospital, Chichawatni)
5 22/02/2018 Inquiries Order No.SO(INQ) 1-27/2013. Dr. Sajjad Sarwar (APMO/BS-19), Dr. Sadiq Mahmood Sohrani (APMO/BS-19), Dr. Zeshan ul Haq Mirza, (Eye Specialist), Sheikh Faiz Rasool, (Ophthalmic Technician), Mr. Shamshad Ahmad, (Dispenser), Mr. Naeem Khalid, (Dispenser/ Storekeeper)
6 22/02/2018 Inquiries Order NO.SO (INQ)1-22/2017. Dr. Muhammad Ramzan (APMO/BS-19), Mr. Yousaf Masih, (Sanitary Worker),Mr. Tasawar Naveed, (Sanitary Worker), Mr. Allah Rakha, (Sanitary Worker)
7 22/02/2018 Inquiries Order No.SO(INQ)1-47/2017, Dr. Muhammad Nadeem Zia (APMO/BS-19), Dr. Mansoor-ul-Hadi Khawaja (APMO/BS-19)
8 22/02/2018 Inquiries Show Cause Cum-Personal Hearing Notice No. SO (INQ) 1-11/2015, Dr. Muhammad Shafqat Malik, (APMO/BS-19-Retired)
9 22/02/2018 Inquiries Show Cause Notice No. SO(INQ) 1-4/2017, Mrs. Farzana Sardar (Retd),Ex-Principal School of Nursing, Jhang
10 22/02/2018 Inquiries Order No.SO(INQ)1-52/2012, Dr. Fayyaz Ahmad (PMO/BS-20-Retired), Ex-Medical Superintendent, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi
11 22/02/2018 Inquiries Order No.SO(INQ)1-9/2016. Dr. Muhammad Naseer Ahmed (APMO/BS-19), Dr. Arshad Ahmad Chatha (APMO/BS-19), Mr. Naseer Ahmad,(Ex-Deputy Drug Controller), Mr. Muhammad Arif Ghouri (Provincial Drug Inspector)
12 22/02/2018 G-II Order Number. 7998/CEO/DHA dated 15.02.2018 is withdrawn. Mr. Azhar Hussain (CNIC: 36302-8633620-9) (Statistical Assistant/Contract), Office of The Deputy District Officer (DHA), Multan, Jalalpur Pirwala, Multan is transferred and posted at Office of the Chief Executive Officer (DHA), Multan
13 22/02/2018 Pharmacy Mr. Muhammad Furqan Qureshi (CNIC: 38202-1250888-1),Drugs Controller (BS-19/OPS), Tehsil Mianwali, transferred and directed to report to this Department
14 22/02/2018 South(Adhoc) Dr. Farhan Nawaz (CNIC: 32102-5924613-1), appointed as (Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis
15 22/02/2018 WMO(Adhoc) Dr. Erum Rehman (CNIC: 42501-8230956-0), appointed as (Women Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis
16 22/02/2018 Pharmacy Mr. Agha Habib Ur Rehman Khan (CNIC: 31301-0190105-5), posted as Pharmacist Analyst (BS-17) at Drugs Testing Laboratory, Multan, Mr. Aamer Sohail (CNIC: 36104-4226339-1), transferred and posted as Pharmacist Analyst (BS-17) at Drugs Testing Laboratory, Lahore, (vice Mr. Agha Habib Ur Rehman Khan)
17 21/02/2018 Pharmacy Notification No.SO(Pharmacy)11-2/2016, appointment letter No.S0(G)P&SHD/11-08/2016/PQCB dated 20.12.2016, Provincial Quality Control Board Punjab, Lahore granted extension in contracts (10)
18 21/02/2018 G-II Corrigendum No.SO (G-II)1-924/2017, Departments order of even number dated 01.02.2018, the name of Mst. Um e Adiba at Serial No. 06
19 21/02/2018 Central Dr. Shaukat Ali Ghauri (CNIC : 35102-5538797-7), Additional Principal Medical Officer (BS-19), Gov.t Mozang Teaching Hospital, Lahore, gap period adjustment
20 21/02/2018 WMO(Adhoc) Dr. Sadia Mumtaz Siddiqui (CNIC: 37101-9926533-8), appointed as (Women Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis
21 21/02/2018 Pharmacy Mr. Ghulam Rasool Noor (CNIC: 33202-1209025-7),Pharmacist (BS-17), posted at Drug Testing laboratory, Lahore
22 21/02/2018 Pharmacy Mst. Syeda Sadia Gillani (CNIC: 31202-0279698-8), relieved and posted as Pharmacist (BS- 17), District Headquarter Hospital, Lodhran
23 21/02/2018 Pharmacy Mr. Zuhair Mehdi (CNIC: 35202-7107451-5), relieved to join his new assignment as Deputy Drugs Controller (BS-18), O/o Chief Drugs Controller Punjab, Lahore
24 21/02/2018 Pharmacy Mst. Aminah Nazir (CNIC: 31202-3413405-8), relieved to join her new assignment as Pharmacist (BS-17), District Headquarter Hospital,Lodhran
25 21/02/2018 Pharmacy Mr. Muhammad Irfan (CNIC: 33203-1368730-3), Deputy Drugs Controller (BS-18), assigned additional charge for the post of Drugs Inspector, Tehsil Ahmadpur Sial, District Jhang
26 21/02/2018 Pharmacy Mst. Kalsoom Akhtar (CNIC : 36302-1665457-4),Deputy Drugs Controller (BS-18), Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi , gap period adjustment
27 21/02/2018 South Dr. Badar Munir (CNIC: 32102-6792457-9), (Medical Officer/BS-17), posted at District Headquarter Hospital, Muzaffargarh
28 21/02/2018 WMO Dr. Fozia Bint Anwaar (CNIC 34101-2327324-2), Senior Women Medical Officer (BS-18), posted at Directorate General Health Services, Lahore
29 21/02/2018 WMO Dr. Zill-e-Huma (CNIC 34501-2145081-0), (Women Medical Officer BS-17), Rural Health Center, Sankhatra , Tehsil Zafarwal, District Narowal, grant of Ex-Pakistan leave
30 21/02/2018 WMO Dr. Mansoorah Ismail (CNIC : 33201-7160872-8), Women Medical Officer (BS-17), Tehsil Headquarter Hospital, Taxila, District Rawalpindi, regularization of gap period
31 21/02/2018 WMO Dr. Salma Hussain (CNIC 42301-7785814-8), Women Medical Officer (BS-17),Ex-post facto sanction, grant of 90 days Maternity Leave
32 21/02/2018 WMO Dr. Selma Hussain (CNIC 42301-7785814-8), Women Medical Officer (BS-17), Rural Health Center, Sarwar Wall, District Dera Ghazi Khan, Ex-post facto sanction, extension in EOL
33 21/02/2018 South Dr. Muhammad Raza Quereshi (CNIC : 32302-6669727-3), (Medical Officer/BS-17), GRD Meeran MuIlan, District Muzaffargarh , Ex-post facto sanction, Leave
34 21/02/2018 North(Adhoc) Dr. Zulfiqar Ayub (CNIC: 34201-0301107-5), appointed as (Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis, against post of SMO
35 21/02/2018 Dental Dr. Ammar Aslam (CNIC 35202-1733809-1), appointed as (Dental Surgeon BS-17), on adhoc basis
36 21/02/2018 Pharmacy Mr. Rana Abdul Mateen Khan (CNIC : 35103-1352892-1), Deputy Drugs Controller (BS-18), O/o Chief Drugs Controller Punjab, Lahore, grant of Ex-Pakistan leave
37 21/02/2018 Dental Dr. Sundas Mahmood Dar (CNIC: 37301-2187958-8), appointed as (Dental Surgeon/BS-17), on adhoc basis
38 21/02/2018 WMO(Adhoc) Dr. Aden Khalid Shah (CNIC: 37405-7878872-8), appointed as (Women Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis
39 21/02/2018 Central(Adhoc) Dr. Umar Riaz Chaudhry (CNIC: 35202-2792705-3), appointed as (Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis
40 21/02/2018 WMO(Adhoc) Dr. Hina Khalid (CNIC: 32402-3519537-8), appointed as (Women Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis
41 21/02/2018 WMO(Adhoc) Dr. Qurat-UI-Ain (CNIC: 34104-4112990-6), appointed as (Women Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis
42 21/02/2018 North(Adhoc) Dr. Raza Zafar (CNIC: 34101-4905444-7), appointed as (Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis
43 21/02/2018 Promotions Order No.SO(North)2-23/R/09, The Entries against Seniority No. 1165 of, Seniority List of Senior Medical Officers (BS-18), Notified on 29.11.2017
44 21/02/2018 G-II Mst Sobia Ashraf (CNIC: 35501-0151544-0), Lady Health Visitor (BS-09/Regular), placed at disposal of CEO (DHA), Gujrat
45 20/02/2018 General Cadre Dr. Roohi Rauf (CNIC : 33100-4771906-4), PWMO (BS-20/Retd), Allied Hospital, Faisalabad, Leave encashment
46 20/02/2018 General Cadre Dr. Ashiq Hussain (CNIC: 32304-8443215-3), (Additional Principal Medical Officer/BS-19), adjusted against the vacant post of APMO (BS-19) at Govt. Shahbaz Sharif District Headquarter Hospital, Multan
47 20/02/2018 General Cadre Dr. Abid Hussain (CNIC : 34101-2711385-3), (Principal Medical Officer/BS-20), DHQ Teaching Hospital, Gujranwala, grant of Leave encashment
48 20/02/2018 General Cadre Dr. Muhammad Irshad (CNIC : 34201-9766696-3), APMO (BS-19/Retd), THQ Hospital Sarai Alamgir, Dirstirct Gujrat, Leave Encashment
49 20/02/2018 General Cadre Dr.Abdul Hameed (CNIC 32304-1661877-1), Principal Medical Officer (BS-20), District Headquarter Hospital, Muzaffargarh, gap period adjusted
50 20/02/2018 Central(Adhoc) Dr. Mazhar Hayat (CNIC: 35302-1891720-5) appointed as (Medical Officer/BS-17), on adhoc basis
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