Transfer/ Posting / Leave Orders


Sr No Date Section Name / Designation / Category File
1 25/06/2018 G-II Mr. Abdul Amin (CNIC: 33105-1835008-5), (Refractionist/BS-16/Contract), Govt. Eye Cum General Hospital, T.T. singh, grant of extension in contract appointment
2 25/06/2018 AHP-I Mst. Komal Tariq (CNIC: 35202-0869995-2), re-appointed as (Physiotherapist/BS-18), on adhoc basis
3 25/06/2018 G-II Mr. Muhammad Sarwar (CNIC : 36302-8109072-9)(Retired), Ex-Entomologist Technologist (BS-17), Office of The District Officer, Preventive Services (DHA), Multan, grant of Leave encashment
4 25/06/2018 AHP-I Mst. Sana Mahi (CNIC: 33104-2287158-6), (Nutritionist Technologist/BS-17/Contract), Isfandyar Bukhari District Hospital, Attock, grant of extension in contract appointment
5 25/06/2018 AHP-I Mst. Humma Ghalib (CNIC: 37101-5744121-6), (Psychologist/BS-17/Contract), Isfandyar Bukhari District Hospital, Attock, grant of extension in contract appointment
6 25/06/2018 G-II Mst. Shaheen Akhtar (CNIC : 34603-4665525-6), (Senior Technologist/Course Director/BS-18/Regular), Provincial Health Development Center, Lahore, grant of Leave encashment
7 22/06/2018 G-II Mst. Tasneem Anjum (CNIC: 35202-2649318-0), Senior Technologist (BS-18/Regular), BHU Lidhay Kay Uchay, Lahore, retirement
8 22/06/2018 Specialist Cadre ORDER No.SO(SC)1-37/2018(Dermatology): On the recommendations of the Punjab Public Service Commission, the 6 candidates appointed as Consultant Dermatologist (BS-18) on regular basis and posted in the hospitals as mentioned against each
9 22/06/2018 G-II Mst. Sadaf Ilyas (CNIC: 33100-0443039-4), (Lady Health Visitor/BS-12), (currently awaiting posting at P&SH Department) Ex-Pakistan Leave cancelled
10 22/06/2018 WMO(Adhoc) ORDER No.SO(WMO-I)8/May/2018(Adhoc)P, 2 doctors appointed as Woman Medical Officers (BS-17) on adhoc basis, in Jhang
11 22/06/2018 WMO Dr. Amna Nasim (CNIC: 42501-3903765-6), Woman Medical Officer (BS-17), Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Rahim Yar Khan, assigned seniority No. 445-A
12 22/06/2018 WMO DR. ASMA MAHMOOD (CNIC: 31202-0205284-6), Senior Women Medical Officer (BS-18), Tehsil Headquarter Hospital, Shah Kot, Nankana Sahib, assigned seniority No. 268-A
13 22/06/2018 Specialist Cadre DR. BUSHRA AHMAD (CNIC: 36103-7889045-2), (Women Medical Officer/BS-17/Seniority No. 1101), Mayo Hospital, Lahore promoted as Senior Registrar Pediatrics (BS-18) on regular basis
14 22/06/2018 General No.S0(G)P&SHD/1-4/2016-VOL-11, Extension in contract appointment Officers/Officials of Health Information & Service Delivery Unit Granted for a period of One Year
15 22/06/2018 General Dr. Maheen Syed (CNIC: 42301-7418480-4), Deputy Program Manager, Hepatitis Control Program, Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department, Lahore, grant of maternity Leave
16 22/06/2018 Dental Dr. Hiba Khalid (CNIC: 35200-0403437-8), appointed as (Dental Surgeon/BS-17), on adhoc basis
17 22/06/2018 Specialist Cadre Dr. Muhammad Maroof (CNIC : 31202-4089566-7), Consultant ENT Specialist (BS-18), Tehsil Headquarter Hospital, Chishtian, District Bahawalnagar, grant of Ex-Pakistan leave
18 21/06/2018 Specialist Cadre ORDER No.SO(SC)1-37/2018(Urology): On the recommendations of the Punjab Public Service Commission, Mr.Abdul Razaq S/o Abdul Hamid appointed as Consultant Urologist (BS-18), on regular basis
19 21/06/2018 WMO DR. SHAHIDA NAZIR (CNIC: 36502-7641105-6), (Women Medical Officer/BS-17), Mayo Hospital, Lahore, assigned seniority No. 872-A
20 21/06/2018 WMO(Adhoc) Dr. Ayesha Arshad (CNIC : 36302-0690947-8), Woman Medical Officer (BS-17/Adhoc), District Headquarter Hospital, Khanewal, grant of Ex-Pakistan Leave
21 21/06/2018 Central Dr. Saad Ali Khan (CNIC: 36202-2257290-5), Medical Officer (BS-17), posted at Govt. Dispensary, District Court, Lahore
22 21/06/2018 WMO Dr. Mahmooda Khurshid (CNIC: 33100-9526715-2), ex-Senior Woman Medical Officer (BS-18/Rtd), DHQ Hospital Faisalabad, grant of Leave encashment
23 21/06/2018 Promotions ORDER No.SO(CONF.)Adv.ACR/ Dr. Hamid Rafiq (APMO/BS-19),Ex-Medical Superintendent, DHQ Hospital, Chiniot, presently working as Chief Executive Officer, DHA, Hafizabad
24 21/06/2018 General Cadre ORDER No.SO(CONF.)Adv.ACR/ Dr. Hamid Rafiq (APMO/BS-19),Ex-Medical Superintendent, DHQ Hospital, Chiniot, presently working as Chief Executive Officer, DHA, Hafizabad
25 21/06/2018 Central Dr. Farooq Ahmad (CNIC :36103-1652332-7), Medical Officer (BS-17), Tehsil Headquarter Hospital, Ferozewala, District Sheikhupura, grant of Leave
26 21/06/2018 Specialist Cadre MR. MUHAMMAD ZAHID (CNIC : 33301-2083503-3), Consultant ENT Surgeon (BS-18/Regular), Govt. Eye Cum General Hospital, Tehsil Gojra, District T.T Singh, grant of Ex-Pakistan Leave
27 20/06/2018 General Cadre Dr. Tariq Mahmood (CNIC : 35202-1361810-5), Additional Principal Medical Officer (BS-19/Retd), Services Hospital, Lahore, grant of Leave encashment
28 20/06/2018 General Cadre Dr. Fazal Hussain (CNIC : 34101-2719455-9), Principal Medical Officer (BS-20/Retd), Gujranwala Medical College / DHQ Teaching Hospital,Gujranwala, grant of leave encashment
29 20/06/2018 Nursing Mst. Asia Kalsoom (CNIC : 33301-2163360-0), Charge Nurse (BS-16), Rural Health Center, 394 JB Jaja, TT Singh, grant of Ex-Pakistan Leave
30 20/06/2018 General Cadre Dr. Zulfiqar Ali (CNIC : 34201-0582080-7), Additional Director (M&E), IRMNCH & Nutrition Program, Punjab, grant of Ex-Pakistan Leave
31 20/06/2018 General Cadre Dr.Muhammad Nabeel Saleem (CNIC: 36302-0741870-7), Senior Medical Officer (BS-18), Technical Member Drug Court, District Multan, gap period adjustment
32 19/06/2018 General Cadre CORRIGENDUM No.SO(GC)1-22/2009, Dr. lmran Habib (CNIC: 37405-6994763-5), (Additional Principal Medical Officer/BS-19), Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi, grant of GP Fund
33 19/06/2018 General ORDER No.E&A(P&SHD)26-1/2017, Offer of Appointment of Mr. Muhammad Ahsan S/o Muhammad Aslam "Additional Director PHIS", at Directorate General M&E (P&SHD), is withdrawn
34 19/06/2018 General ORDER No.E&A(P&SHD)23-5/2017, Offer of Appointment of Mr. Abdul Azeem S/o Abdul Sattar "Contract Manager", at Procurement Cell (P&SHD) is withdrawn
35 19/06/2018 Central Dr. Farrukh Amin (CNIC : 35202-6402538-5), Medical Officer (BS-17), Office of the District Health Officer (Preventive Services) Kasur, grant of EOL
36 19/06/2018 South Dr. Husnain lqbal (CNIC : 32203-8189409-1), Medical Officer (BS-17/Regular), District Headquarter Hospital, Layyah, grant of EOL
37 19/06/2018 General Cadre DR. MUKHTAR HUSSAIN SYED (CNIC : 32203-2094708-9), PMO(BS-20/Retd), Ex-Director Health Services, Lahore, grant of Leave encashment
38 19/06/2018 Promotions DR. JAVAID IQBAL (CNIC: 33202-1249498-7), (ENT Surgeon/BS-18), District Headquarter Hospital, Toba Tek Singh, appearing at seniority No. 61 of seniority list of Senior Medical Officers dated 29.11.2017, is hereby deleted on his own request
39 19/06/2018 North DR. ATTA UR REHMAN (CNIC: 15602-2808865-9), (Medical Officer/BS-17),lsfandyar Bukhari Hospital, Attock, grant of extension in contract appointment
40 19/06/2018 South Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Khaliq (CNIC : 31301-6068122-9), Medical Officer (BS-17), Basic Health Unit, Pipli Rajan, Tehsil Ahmedpur East, District Bahawalpur, grant of EOL
41 19/06/2018 South Dr. Muhammad Salman Aslam (CNIC : 32301-6147182-1), Medical Officer (BS-17), formerly posted at THQ Hospital, PipIan District Mianwali, grant of extension in EOL
42 14/06/2018 Central Dr. Muhammad Waqas lqbal (CNIC : 33100-5493063-3), (Medical Officer/BS-17), Basic Health Unit, Chak No. 427/GB, Tehsil Tandlianwala, District Faisalabad, grant of extension in EOL
43 14/06/2018 Inquiries Show cause Notice NO. SO(INQ) 1-3/2013, Dr. Mian Abdul Rauf (Retired) (APMO/BS-19)
44 14/06/2018 Inquiries Order No. SO(INQ)1-8/2015, Dr. Najam-Us-Sahar, ex-Additional Principal Medical Officer, (BS-19), Mayo Hospital, Lahore
45 14/06/2018 Inquiries Order No.SO(INQ)1-47/2017, Dr.Muhammad Nadeem Zia (APMO/BS-19), Ex-Medical Superintendent, THQ Hospital,Liaqatpur, District Rahimyar Khan and Dr. Mansoor-ul-Hadi Khawaja (APMO/BS-19), Anesthetic, THQ Hospital, Liaqatpur, District Rahimyar Khan
46 14/06/2018 Inquiries Order No. SO(INQ)1-10/2015. (1)Dr. Abdul Razzaq, ex-Medical Superintendent, DHQ Hospital, Lodhran, (2) Mr.Muhammad Rafi, Accountant, DHQ Hospital, Lodhran and (3) Mr. Ejaz Hussain, Junior Clerk of Accounts Section, DHQ Hospital, Lodhran
47 14/06/2018 Inquiries ORDER No.SO (INQ)1-1/2017, Dr. Altaf Hussain (APMO/BS-19), Dr. Muhammad Ali Mufti (APMO/BS-19),Dr. Yousaf Dar (SMO/BS-18), Dr. Tahir Mehmood (MO/BS-17), Mr. Mubashir lqbal, Security Guard
48 14/06/2018 Central DR MAQBOOL AHMAD (CNIC : 35202-2852321-7), (ex-Senior Demonstrator/BS-18/Retd), Allama lqbal Medical College, Lahore, grant of Leave encashment
49 14/06/2018 Promotions ORDER No.SO(Promotions)54/SWMO/2018, 2 Senior Women Medical Officers (BS-18) are assigned seniority in the Seniority list of Senior Women Medical Officers (BS-18) notified vide order of even number dated 28.03.2018
50 14/06/2018 Central ORDER NO.SO(CENTRAL)2232/R/87. Dr. Agha Tariq Javaid, ex-Medical Officer (BS-17), DHQ Hospital, Kasur
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